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New Step, New Beginning, New Federa


Over the last year many things changed in Federa. Our company expanded overseas, we improved our existing services, devised and introduced several new Sub-Apps, and in doing so we administered another blow to the existing limitations in the real estate industry.

In these efforts to produce the best possible experiences for our clients, agents, and partners, we reached a point that presented us with a choice: we could either stop devising new services and thus avoid any dramatic company shifts, or we could continue to expand Federa and broaden its product line, but this would require to make necessary changes to the company’s business model, strategy, and infrastructure.

We decided to follow the second path. It was a big, even huge, decision that triggered many major transformations and upgrades within Federa and became a statement, an ending of an old and a beginning of a new chapter in Federa story.

Everything started from details, some improvements to Smart Listings and Smart Agent, advancements in business models, but eventually we understood that we cannot move further without reinventing basically everything, and setting up a whole new structure. This was a challenge. But we readily set about it, because we knew that challenges meant possibilities — for our users, agents, partners, and Federa itself.

All internal changes entail some external shifts, so the exterior side — Federa website, — had to change as well. Real estate means different things to everyone, and we wanted our new website to reflect this notion to the fullest. We experimented, failed, and tried again. We tested, shuffled, deleted and created. We wanted each of our products to reflect the care we put when designing them. We looked to attach a more significant meaning to the words "for people, by people".

Along with the website we reconsidered the whole Federa account system. We wanted to broaden our users’ possibilities and so we designed a universal key to all Federa products and services called Universal Federa Account. It is for everyone, — home-buyers, home-sellers, agents, and those who are just exploring their possibilities. It is absolutely free, and anyone can upgrade or downgrade it depending on which Federa services and products they wish to use.

As a PropTech company, we care to make our products as accessible and as user-friendly as possible. User experience is one of the most important facets in our work, so another improvement we focused on was creating new, better seller and agent dashboards that will speed up and simplify the processes for both. This is not only about new design, it’s about functionality, easiness, and convenience — the very things that Federa strives to bring into the real estate world.

Finally, — and we are still working on this part to make it even better, — we broadened Federa service line, focusing on financial aspect of real estate. One of our new services is called Smart Buys and it is created for home-buyers in the first place. It presents them with an option to choose their agent from all available, seeing their price for services from the start, and, — the best of all, — they will be able to receive a cash back from their agent for the home purchase itself. The second service is titled Federa Banc, and it helps to track and manage all financial operations with Federa.

Working on all these developments required precision, and the simpler it looked in the end, the more complex its development proved to be. The progress Federa is working for in real estate requires strength to cut off everything traditional and dear yet ineffective, and build something new and efficient that no one has done before. This challenge seems impossible to many, but we believe that it is this very challenge that will change the world, — and help billions of people to move from one home to another more easily.

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November 19, 2020

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