With flat fees, SmartListing technology, data-driven insight, and beyond, FederaPro is changing how organizations sell homes.

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We proudly partner with cross-industry trailblazers, accelerating our technology to give our clients a distinct competitive advantage.

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The FederaPro Difference

Elevated Profits

Achieve an average 2.6% increase in home sales prices. 


Sell homes an average of 12% faster via our tech-driven team and interface.

Heightened Exposure 

Maximize the exposure of each listing to the buyers who matter most.

Real-Time Insight

Put the power of data to work for your organization, all in real-time.

Flat Rate Pricing

Stop paying percentage-based commissions to brokerages and start improving your margin’s with FederaPro’s flat fees.

Quickly publish listings with an all-in-one dashboard to upload photos, add descriptions, and beyond.

SmartListing Dashboard

Access the full spectrum of actionable analytics to stay on top of the trends that affect your home sales.

Data-Driven Analytics

Connect with FederaPro experts who monitor 360° of your home selling process.

Top-Rated Specialists

Receive individualized insight surrounding your property to maximize your profits and expedite your sale timeline.

Tailored Insight

FederaPro uncovers new possibilities for professional home sales, putting the latest technologies at your team’s fingertips.

Sell your home through your Smart Listings Dashboard. - Federa

Post home listings to Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, MLS, and 700+ sites to maximize your exposure.

Automated Listings

Stay on top of your home sales without missing a beat through real-time notifications, directly to your inbox.

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Additional Benefits

SmartListing Savings

Take 5% off our proprietary SmartListing technology.

Seasoned Account Manager

Partner with a dedicated expert who puts your home sales first.

Exclusive Access

Leverage enterprise-level tech that’s not available to individuals.

Priority Support

Receive prioritized support for any questions or inquiries.

Flat-Rate Pricing

By offering transparent flat-rate pricing and services that go beyond conventional brokerages, FederaPro empowers businesses, developers, government offices, and beyond to thrive.


$92,185 / year

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Over 100 users

5% Discount on SmartListings


$7,189 / year

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Up to 100 users

5% Discount on SmartListings


$819 / year

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Up to 10 users

5% Discount on SmartListings


$122 / year

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1 user

5% Discount on SmartListings

The Future of Professional 

Home Selling, Reimagined.

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The Future of Professional Home Selling, Reimagined.