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Federa's Smart Listings and its technology is backed by Google, Amazon, and others to transform traditional real estate transactions for the 21st century. 

Transformative Partnerships


Maximize Profits

Professionals on average can sell their homes for 2.6% more.  

Maximize Time

Professionals on average can sell their homes 12% faster.

Maximize Exposure

Standardize selling operations to optimize operations.

Maximize Efficiency

Increase compliance and sales with guardrails in any translation.

Smart Fixed Prices

Professionals choose the price they want from a list of dedicated agents.

Licensed, trained and experienced team who are dedicated to oversee the selling of your home.

Federa Specialist

Incorporate robust data analytics to improve decision making, including monitoring selling patterns and tracking.

Selling Intelligence through Analytics

A home selling dashboard that allows you to list a home in minutes. Add your own photos plus more!

Smart Listings Dashboard

Allows professionals to keep an eye on the personalized trends and shifts of your property in order to maximize its selling potential.

Federa's Proprietary Technology

Federa’s  unparalleled technology allows professionals to utilize Federa’s Smart Listings.  A technologically advanced and easy system utilized to sell your home the Smart way. 

Sell your home through your Smart Listings Dashboard. - Federa

All homes are listed on the MLS, Zillow, and over 700 additional websites

Full Marketing Exposure

Federa will enable Professionals to monitor any activities and notify them of the status on a real time basis.

Showings & Notifications


FederaPro Membership

Even more savings

All levels - 5% Discount on SmartListing

Exclusive offers for members


FederaPro is exclusively for businesses, organizations, governments (no individual clients)

Dedicated account manager

FederaPro Accounts

Membership is billed annually in advance.


$92,185 / year

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Over 100 users

5% Discount on SmartListings


$7,189 / year

Choose plan

Up to 100 users

5% Discount on SmartListings


$819 / year

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Up to 10 users

5% Discount on SmartListings


$122 / year

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1 user

5% Discount on SmartListings

Reshape buying & selling for your organization

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