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Federa is a PropTech Company that Provides Smarter Solutions for the Global Real Estate Industry.

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Our mission is to give you the 

Freedom to live where you want to live.


We aim to provide people with a seamless experience when dealing with real estate.


We strive to make real estate more open because we care about our users' time and money.

Real Estate's Central Operating System


We simplify the traditional real estate processes and systems.

Our Sub-Apps

Search | Connect | Experience 

One Platform

Whether you are a home-buyer, a home-seller, a real estate agent, or just discovering your possibilities, Federa App is for everyone,

Optimized Features

We improve App features constantly following any product updates and customer response.

Continuous Development

Federa App

We are always working on making Federa App even better.

Full Property Database

In March 2020 Federa gained access to the complete MLS database, so now our users have all relevant and up-to-date information on all listed properties, in one place.

A Simple Flat Fee

Instead of traditional commissions, home-sellers pay a flat fee set by Federa Listing Specialists with regard to local market trends.

Smarter & Simplified

An automated system that makes home-selling a seamless experience, from list to final close.

Universal Seller's Dashboard

Smart Listings provides its users with detailed reports about views and shares of their listings, as well as target audience.

Faster Process

Optimized and streamlined flow enables agents to process contracts up to 70% faster.

Smart Listings

Full Service | Digital | Flat Fee

With every step being streamlined and simplified, one Smart Listing is being closed in a shorter time frame than it would with any other traditional brokerage.

A time and cost-efficient solution that helps home-sellers save $11,000+ on average.


days to sell 

With Smart Listings, it's only

Agents decide what works best for them.

3 different options

Agent, Pro, Specialist. For the first time, agents can choose what suits them best.

No hidden fees

Agents see what they subscribe to from the very beginning and get an option to decide what to pay Federa as their brokerage.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Every transaction and process, every deal and all statistics are trackable via Smart Agent's account dashboard.

Complete Integration

Smart Agent platform integrates all other Federa's products, giving our agents full access to them right through their accounts, both via Federa App and Federa website.

30+ Registered Smart Agents in the first 20 hours after the beta launch.

Smart Agent

3 Options | 1 Global Platform

A winning option for everyone

Both agents and buyers get equal advantages.

Buyer Credit

A Commission Cash Back feature, that helps buyers to get a fair amount of the paid commission back.

Location-based credit issue

Agents determine the Buyer Credit they are willing to offer based on the location.

Buyers choose their agents based on the price

A principle that provides everyone with fair options.

Exchange system for the buying side of real estate that benefits everyone. 

Smart Buys

Works worldwide

Accessible from all countries.

Buyer Credit

Agents manage their Federa Banc accounts with specially issued debit cards.

Built on advanced technologies

Infrastructure and compliance built on STRIPE.

Fully automated commission processing

Agents get their commissions instantly with no additional bank manipulations.

All financial transactions.

In one place.

Federa Banc

Company Timeline

March 2016

Introduction of our flat fee service: Smart Listings


AUGUST - Started working with Google Growth Team

SEPTEMBER - Smart Listings- stopped working with Google Growth Team

OCTOBER - Reduced 95% of advertising

NOVEMBER - Stopped standard buyer representation

DECEMBER - Name change from Federated Realty to Federa


JANUARY - Registered in Delaware

FEBRUARY - Converted from LLC to INC

JULY - Launched Federa App (Beta)

OCTOBER - Smart Agent (Beta) launch

NOVEMBER- Smart Buys (Beta) launch


Company Started

Federa's Leadership Team



Global Director



Executive Managing Director


Rakoff, Ph.D. 

Advisor, General Partner at Fortify Ventures


Tadayon, Ph.D., J.D.

Advisor, CEO & Co-Founder of Z Advanced Computing, Inc.


Tadayon, Ph.D., J.D.

Advisor, CTO & Co-Founder of Z Advanced Computing, Inc.


Dean, Ph.D.

Advisor, M.Eng. in Robotics Vision, Cornell U. Ph. D. in Public Admin., USCfmr. IBM Executive 


Eatedali, MBA

Advisor, Director of Engineering, Core Network & Voice at Vonage


Patel, MBA

Advisor, CIO of Tiber Capital Group



Executive Managing Director



Advisor, Ambassador of Georgia to the United States


W. Lodge

Partner, Principal Broker, 




Number of Employees: 



Bank of America


CST Group

Law Firm:




Current Investors:

Bootstrapped, Friends, Clients ($1.1M)

Use of Funds:

Customer Acquisition, solidifies first mover advantage. 

Reports & Analytics

Total Addressable Market Information

$3.4 Trillion

USA Real Estate 

Market Value

$8.3 Trillion

Global Real Estate 

Market Value

*Estimated market size 2019 (report of

Our market power is increasing regularly

Our Users Demography

Investment Allocation

Ecosystem Development

Improving Federa website, applications, machine learning techniques and methods.

Expanding the Brand

Increasing brand recognition, product marketing, social media promotion.

Revenue Growth

Company workflows optimisation, broadening the scope of operation.

Security Improvements

Enhancing the security of all platforms, login encryption, access encryption, 2FA setup.

Short-Term Goals

1% Of Global Real Estate Transaction Volume

3% Of United States Real Estate Transaction Volume

Worlds Largest Real Estate Database

100,000 Smart Agents 

Achieve a user growth of 600,000+ per week


We are open for investments 

For accredited investors and financial institutions only. Terms and conditions subject to change. Any and all investment subject to review by Federa management and legal vetting.


Series A

Contact us for more details

Min $250,000

2X Preference

20% Discount 

Valuation cap $90 million

Learn More About Investing in Federa