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What is Federa? 

Federa is a real estate platform that operates globally and offers real estate services related to browsing, selling and buying houses. It is headquartered in Great Falls, VA (USA). The company was founded in 2015 as Federated Realty. In February 2020 it changed its brand to align with its mission and started pursuing more innovative goals, rather than acting solely as a brokerage.

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What does Federa do?

Using modern technological advances, Federa designs services aimed at simplifying the essential real estate processes, ensuring efficiency and transparency of agents’ work, and presenting better experiences for agents and clients all over the world. Federa designed and introduced to the world several innovative solutions made to eliminate the existing limitations of the real estate industry. The most sought after among them are Smart Listings, Smart Agent, and Federa App. 

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Who can use Federa's products and services?

Anyone, no matter where they are. Federa’s products and services are accessible worldwide.

What is Smart Agent?

Smart Agent platform is the first true solution for real estate agents all over the world. The platform operates globally and offers agents wishing to develop their career three options, – three plans, – each including an exclusive set of necessary tools designed to increase chances of success for a real estate agent of any level.

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What is Smart Listings?

Smart Listings is a digital platform that offers an opportunity for home sellers to sell their property without excessive expenditures, unnecessary complications, choose a specialized agent, and list their homes for a flat fee instead of the traditional 3% commission fee. The flat fee varies depending on the demand and local market trends, from country to country. This centralized and automated platform provides more connectivity between agents and clients, and ensures seamless home selling experience. Given the platform’s cost-efficiency and highly performant model for selling houses, the Smart Listings’ demand continues to grow worldwide.

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What is the Federa App? 

Federa App (available via App Store or Google Play) is a smartphone application enabling everyone to browse houses, connect with agents, buy property, see all up-to-date information about it, and do much more. The app is currently undergoing technical updates to implement both Smart Listings and Smart Agent services.

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How can I access Federa’s products and services? 

Do I need an account to use Federa’s services and products? 

Unless you simply browse, in order to have access to all Federa’s products, services, and platforms you will have to create a universal Federa account. Sign up is free, you pay only when you transact, create a listing for selling a home, or wish to buy a home (for example use Smart Listings or Smart Agent platforms). 

Do I need an account if I’m just browsing? 

If you need support, please visit our Support page and choose the communication option that suits you best. We will help you with your issue.

If you questions are related to the particular Federa’s product or service, please visit our Sub-Apps page

What other products and services does Federa offer?

To find out more about this, you may check our Sub-Apps page.

You can do so via Federa’s website or the Federa App. Both are equally fit for this purpose.

No. You can browse homes either through Federa’s website or Federa App without having an account.

I still can’t find the answers to my questions. What should I do? 

Return to the Support page

What is Federa's Sub-Apps? 

Sub-Apps are Federa's products and services: Smart Listings and Smart Agent platforms, Federa App, Smart Buys, Federa Banc. 

Does having an account cost something? 

Absolutely nothing. You will have to pay only if you decide to use one of the paid Federa’s services, for example Smart Listings or Smart Agent. The pricing depends on the service you choose. 

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